THE BOOK : The Poetry of Courage

Grief & Loss


Leaving A Bad Relationship

Deciding To Follow Your Dream

…and so many more situations in life require courage that’s not needed in our everyday affairs. And yet having courage when it’s needed can mean the difference between a better life(or a beautiful life even) and misery for days on end.

Summoning courage at just that right time is a little like a weight-lifting competition. Winning or losing will depend on how many practice reps you do during your training period. It’s the same with courage, simply because courage is all in our heads. The more we meditate on courage, the more courageous we become.

The Poetry of Courageis a collection of poems -of “meditations”- on courage. J. A. Jeanty draws on a past riddled with tragedy, faith, and an unyielding need for truth and beauty from this world that we live in.   The Poetry of Courage speaks to the soul’s need for encouragement and hope.  This collection of poems is meant for anyone in search of the strength that lies inside.

* * *

EXCERPT from “The Poetry of Courage”

I Call On Peace

How sweet the air is made by heated surf, and salted wave; this old time secret family recipe.

Topped with pelican caw and pelican pouch, and sprinkles of seagulls flew; with just a touch of thunder off the waves come into view.

Cooked, and cooled by sun, by moon until this batter lets …a soul goes free in time to swoon, to walk outside its vest.

* * *

Strength and courage are all in the mind, and the mind is our translator of this life’s experience. What do we think on -what do we meditate on- that takes us where we want to be?

The Poetry of Courage embodies a rhythm of courage inside the words of its verse ….


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