Time’s Ticks

Each tick of the clock

Counts off a second of Time

While the silence inbetween each second

holds its own eternity.


I will not be swayed by the

Baseness of Time, leaving

Lines across my face and

building creeks inside my bones.


…when memories, daydreams and

concentrated wills can create

and construct a future of

my choosing … before Time’s ticks

can even think about what will happen to me.

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Published by: J. A. Jeanty

J. A. Jeanty hails from the East Coast, Pennsylvania, City of Brotherly Love. From that point, her life takes place inside a series of cities, towns and countries. Currently residing in Michigan, Jeanty writes articles, short stories, poetry and self-help ebooks. Previous works include: - The Wheels of the Bus – short story - “Runaway Voices” – short story - The Poetry of Courage - poems - “Mindless Travels” – short story - “Unfolding” – novel in progress

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