“Switched at Birth”

To give birth to a child

that would never know you

never understand you

-either one of you-

because her world ….

was a place of

“…truth …justice …and ideals…”

She couldn’t hear a thing you said

she couldn’t see

“you all” were the problem and always have been

this is the coldest form of disrespect I know.

And it’s in my very bones.

And I’m now certain

that this is why

my life is cursed…..

God gave “you all” the wrong child.


Published by: J. A. Jeanty

J. A. Jeanty hails from the East Coast, Pennsylvania, City of Brotherly Love. From that point, her life takes place inside a series of cities, towns and countries. Currently residing in Michigan, Jeanty writes articles, short stories, poetry and self-help ebooks. Previous works include: - The Wheels of the Bus – short story - “Runaway Voices” – short story - The Poetry of Courage - poems - “Mindless Travels” – short story - “Unfolding” – novel in progress

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